At Frederik IX Studios we suggest that you combine our rings as you wish and use multiply rings together. Also you can combine gold and silver.

Our rings are made in different sizes so you can wear it exactly on the finger you wish.

Basically the standard ring sizes for woman are 48-56 and 58-66 for men. But the size depends on the finger you wish to carry your ring on, and on whether you prefer the classical look or wish to be more dared in your decor by the choice of finger you wish to wear the ring on.

A way to find your ring size is to measure the inside diameter in millimetres on a ring you already own and follow the measurement guide below. You can also visit your local goldsmith to confirm your ring size.


13,4 mm / Size 42

14,0 mm / Size 44

14,5 mm / Size 46

15,3 mm / Size 48

15,9 mm / Size 50

16,5 mm / Size 52

17,2 mm / Size 54

17,8 mm / Size 56

18,5 mm / Size 58

19,2 mm / Size 60

19,8 mm / Size 62

20,4 mm / Size 64

21,0 mm / Size 66

If it occurs your ring size is not a part of our selection, please contact us at for more help and information.