Signet Rings Are Back!

Signet ring

Jump on board and let us tell you a story about a true classic. The Signet Ring has made a comeback also for those of us, which are not royal or noble.

In the 13th century the signet ring was used as a signature on official documents. These massive rings continued to be of use over the years and were often passed on in generations.

The history of the signet ring goes way back and has been used by men for over a thousands years passing on from many generations.
The ring was popular amongst Royalty and was also worn by Danish Kings, like King Frederik IX who wore the ring with style and class. It was doing the 17th century that the ring became something for the more common people to wear. The ring was by then a symbol, which people connected with social status and normally there would be initials or family crest engraved in the ring.

Jewellery for men is probably one of the most discussed accessory topics in recent history. It has been postulated more then just once that the only accessory a man should be wearing is a watch. After the fashion world’s recognition of the signet ring, the ring has been in increasing popularity.


Signet Ring

Some people still think that this kind of jewellery is reserved for women. Yet, it is hard to deny the popularity of this kind of ring among big style icons, take Johnny Depp, Jimi Hendrix, Kanye West and Travis Scott as a few examples. To people who are passionate about their look, the signet ring is an integrated part of the outfit. The ring helps you compliments your personal look and emphasizes your identity and personality.

Back in the days the signet rings was most often worn on your ring finger or pinkie finger. Today you can combine jewellery and signet rings as you like, as fashion and todays trends has no limits and only you have the power to chose.

Let’s use the signet rings as they once were used by Kings of ancient times.

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