Danish jewelry brand creates a unique shopping experience

frederik IX studios

By: Mads Jensen


The Danish Jewellery brand Frederik IX Studios thinks outside the jewelry box. In collaboration with two talented designers, they have created a showroom in one of Copenhagen’s most coveted areas. The customers will be invited to join an aesthetic, alluring and innovative shopping experience.

Frederik IX Studios has entered the Danish jewelry industry at high speed and with great success.
With a masculine expression, a story that creates awareness and a great visual identity, they have cemented their position in a highly competitive market. Now they are ready to open their first showroom in the beating heart of Copenhagen.

A journey inside the universe of jewelry

The increasing demand for jewelry from Frederik IX Studios has created the foundation to open a physical store. It’s a widely acknowledged fact that most physical stores have problems with declining sales, as a direct result of the omnivorous and onrushing digital development. The modern consumer demands and seeks synergy between the online universe and the physical store, where they can watch and touch before they make the final buying decision.

Louise Mygind Andersen, CEO, and founder of Frederik IX Studios wants to meet this need:
“Our customers need to touch, try and see our jewelry before they buy. Based on our costumer’s needs we have allied with Aspekt Office and created a showroom, where our customers are invited into our unique universe. The talented and recognized designers Hans Toft Hornemann and Terkel Skou Steffensen from Aspekt Office have created a journey in the universe of jewelry
instead of a traditional jewelry store. A universe based on our story, wishes, and future dreams.”


A unique brand universe

The jewelry journey and Frederik IX Studios as a brand, are inspired by the story of King Frederik IX. King Frederik IX made a career in the Navy, loved life at sea and was tattooed like a real sailor. Getting tattooed was unheard of back then, especially as a king. But Frederik IX was not an ordinary king. He interacted with all people – on bars in Nyhavn, with tribes in Africa and at royal parties in the Royal Family. He was visionary and norm-breaking, and with his warm and popular nature, he helped to break down the gap between the royal family and the general population. The ideals of breaking down norms, breaking down barriers and being something for everyone and not just for some permeates Frederik IX Studios chain of values. Unique and handmade jewelry must be accessible to all – both men and women.

Louise Mygind Andersen and Jeppe Grønning Jensen, who run Frederik IX Studios together, seem to have found the golden recipe of fusing the online-universe with a physical store.

“The physical stores are quite clearly under a lot of pressure. In my subjective opinion, there is an obvious reason for that. The companies are not listening to their customer’s needs. The physical shopping experience is often associated with long lines, a lot of people and stress. Our new universe invites calmness, relaxation, and social interaction. We do not pressure the customer to
buy, but the interior of the rooms, the environment, the exhibitions, and the atmosphere hopefully inspire the customer to a potential buying decision,” says Jeppe Grønning Jensen.

Frederik IX smykker

Rethinking the physical store

Experts foresee that the death of physical stores will continue in the coming years, why it may seem strange, that a jewelry brand with massive online success wants to open a store in one of Copenhagen’s most expensive areas. Co-owner and designer of Aspekt Office, Hans Toft Hornemann, see the meaning of the madness:

“I’m experiencing the same problem in virtually every physical store I visit. They do not manage to invite the customer into their universe. That has been our main mission with our design of Frederik IX Studios’ new store. When the first thing the customer is greeted by is a lounge area with fresh colors and soft furniture, you will automatically change the costumer’s thought pattern and perception. They don’t get the sale stuffed down their throats, but is invited to join a nice atmosphere, which creates a quiet and safe environment around the shopping experience and the final purchase decision. We have created a social experience, which is not primarily about sales.”

Hans Toft Hornemann and Terkel Skou Steffensen are two highly experienced designers from the design studio Aspekt Office with a history at MENU, HAY and Normann Copenhagen. Furthermore, Hans Toft Hornemann has been responsible for the design of Normann Copenhagen’s stands at Salone del Mobile in Milan, Stockholm Furniture Fair and Maison et Object in Paris.

A voyage of discovery through three zones

Frederik IX Studios’ new showroom is divided into three different zones, Lounge, Corridor and Studio. The zones invite the customer to join a sensual and visual journey in Frederik IX Studios universe of jewelry. In the Lounge, costumers can relax in beautiful soft design furniture from Normann Copenhagen. The raw, industrial and masculine choice of materials stresses that we are in a universe welcoming both femininity and masculinity. The interior matches the story and product catalog of Frederik IX Studios, which addresses both men and women.

By fluorescent lamps in the ceiling, the customer is led to the Corridor. The light blue color on the walls continues, but in the Corridor, the walls are covered with unpolished and massive mirror plates, which provide water like glare from the fluorescent lamps in the ceiling. At the end of the corridor, two podiums are led up. On top of the podiums, more jewelry is presented in display cases made of glass.

The fluorescent lamps lead the costumers through the crooked hallways of the building, so they eventually end up in the Studio, where all of Frederik IX Studios jewelry are displayed. Now they can touch and try the products.

Jewelry for both men and women

Frederik IX Studios differs from many other jewelry brands as they approach both men and women. Their product catalog offers elegant, refined and tasteful jewelry for women and more raw, virile and unpolished jewelry for men. It’s high-end jewelry at an affordable price.
Frederik IX Studios’ jewelry is handmade and there is no compromise on the choice of materials.The jewelry is made of gold, 925 sterling silver, and 22 carat gold plating. Every stone has a unique story and is carefully selected. It’s even possible to design your own jewelry.

The new showroom in Kronprinsensgade 13,, is open.

Everybody is welcome.

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